Onida LED TV Reviews

Onida has a wide range of LED televisions. It has some unique features to meet the requirements of its broad range of customers. The Onida 24 Neo LED TV-LEO24NMSF100L is one such television that has a sleek design and has Full HD capability. It comes with a unique iCare technology that offers a superb viewing experience. It has a Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 3000000: 1. Besides, the 300W PMPO sound output creates an amazing cinematic experience. By connecting the 24 Neo LED – LEO24NMSF100 either with USB or HDD, one can play a variety of videos, movies, images, and sound. The DNR noise reduction technology helps in noise reduction and offers a crystal clear clarity. Some other amazing features of this LED TV from Onida are its SRVe Image Engine and Surf and i-PLayon.

Onida 32inch LEO32HMS offers a crystal clear viewing experience. The special LED screen gives ultimate soothing effect to the viewer’s eyes. It comes with unique I-Care technology that reduces up to 99 hp 15s du3517tu. percent of the harmful Uv rays and also offers 95 percent reflection-free viewing. The DNR noise reduction technology reduces the noise thus providing striking picture clarity. It has 1920 x 1080p resolution and a Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 3000000: 1. The Onida 32inch LEO32HMS comes with 1 HDMI and 1 USB.

Onida 40 Chrome LED TV-LEO40HMSF504L is another impressive one in the line. It has sharp edges rendering it a superb look. It has a full HD display resolution with a Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 3000000: 1. It offers a soothing effect to the eyes of the viewer. The 300W PMPO sound output offers an outstanding recreation and entertainment. The 5 band equal produces a mystical sound. This LED model is a Wi-Fi-enabled Smart TV. It comes with 2 HDMI ports that give crystal clear audio and video. One can even connect either USB or HDD (3 USB interface) for playing videos, songs, movies, and images.

Onida LEO40HMS 40 inch LCD TV has a Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 4000000: 1 along with 100 Hz Refresh Rate. Besides, it also comes with HDMI Input and USB Port. The resolution for this LED TV is 1920 x 1080p. It has an integrated Smart Hub that allows the viewer to interact and surf the internet directly from the TV.

Onida 40 iTUBE-LEO40AFIN3D has features like SRVe image engine, I-care Technology, Digital Noise Reduction, Surround Sound, Full HD, HDMI, Dual USB 2. 0, and Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 4000000: 1. This LED TV supports applications like Google Maps, Facebook, Flickr, Android, Twitter, Youtube, Picasa, and many more.

Besides these models, there are many other which are 32 Chrome LED TV-LEO32HMSF504L, 24 Chrome LED TV-LEO24HMSF504L, 32 iTUBE-LEO32AFWIN, etc.

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